13 Genius Chalkboard Paint Ideas + Tutorial Video

13 genius chalkboard paint uses and video tutorial

I’m still crazy about chalkboard paint! And have really found it to be helpful in organizing and decorating my home. You can use it in the kitchen to keep track of the grocery list and meal plans, in the office to create an easy calendar, for the kids for a quick chore chart…so many options! Here’s a round of our top 20 (pretty ingenious) chalkboard paint uses and a tutorial video to make your own!

1. Organize your fabric, or anything really. We love this for a craft room!

chalkboard fabric organization

2. Organize your drawers! Again useful everywhere, but so genius for the bathroom.

chalkboard paint drawer organization

3. Chalkboard washi tape gift tags

chalkboard washi tape

4. Organize your finances, your office…your life!

chalkboard paint tax boxes

5. Pantry organization for everything in it’s place!

chalkboard shelf organization

6. Chalkboard gift bag and tag — why didn’t I think of this?


7. Summer To-do list (or any list) using an old window

summer list chalkboard

8. Chalkboard knick-knacks! How fun are these for a kids room or on your desk?

chalkboard porcelin

9. Customized locket

chalkboard locket

10. Chalkboard game table

Unknown original source

Unknown original source

11. Keep everyone on task with this chore list

chore chart

12. Potluck and bunko just got a lot more organized (and cute!)


13. This is my kind of wreath!

chalkboard wreath

Inspired? Ready to make your own? Check out this video tutorial to make your own chalkboard paint in any color, really inexpensively.

If I’m not careful my entire house will be a chalkboard! What are your favorite ways to use chalkboard paint?


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